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Informational page that displays the install date, serial number, and date when maintenance expires.
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 View Trademarks
Opens page listing all trademarks used by the application and/or product support
 Online User Community

(Requires Internet access from your PC)

Links to the VeraSMART user community web site, where you can find product documentation and software to download, as well as an interactive blog where users can view FAQs and post comments. Register using your product serial number and business e-mail address.

View Add-ons, Licensed Components, and Product Updates


Includes the versions of additional or custom packages added to the system -- such as…
  • Default Rate Information: database of V&H coordinates, location names, major U.S. Telcos' local rates, and AT&T Basic international rates (current as of the date on the version)
  • Invoice Readers: In systems with Wireless Call Accounting / Expense Management, these are readers of invoice files from AT&T Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless
  • Hot Fixes and Service Packs


Displays the components enabled by license in your installed product. 

  • The top section displays the modules or options that are enabled. The list below describes VeraSMART components.
  • The bottom section displays a grid that shows all items limited by your license -- inventory items, wireless devices, CDR sources, EZ-Share Exports, MySMART and VeraSMART users, etc. — and how many items are counted against it.

Cable/Pair Tracking

Inventory Management option that provides easy access to cable inventory, as well as their cross-connection layout, line status, and assignment to telephone switch extensions. It enables administrators to trace back a faulty circuit or line, from the extension that reported the problem.


Call Accounting (CA)


The system component designed to track wireline phone usage, from data collected in real-time from telephone systems. It calculates call costs and assigns expenses to responsible parties. CA reports and viewers allow making informed decisions to…

  • Track under/over utilized facilities to optimize your network
  • Identify and resolve long call queues to increase caller satisfaction
  • Crack down on network abuse, security threats, and harassing calls
  • Improve employee productivity during peak hours
  • Encourage responsible use of telecom resources
  • Reduce telecom costs
Business Process Editor

System option that provides a full service order system, customizable for such processes as managing requests for IT & telecom services, client support / help desk, quality control tracking, equipment loans, etc.

Enforce HIPAA Compliance

System option that tightens security by (a) disabling Forms Authentication -- i.e. users must login via Windows and (b) entering all security-related actions in the Audit Log. .

NOTE: Users are responsible for all other security measures, which include:
(a) Operating system is a Windows Server
(b) Website is configured to use SSL
(c) Login accounts are managed via Microsoft Active Directory imports
Enhanced Chargeback

System option that allows creating charge codes for one-time charges, as well as assigning one-time and distributed internal charges to Personnel, Cost Centers, Inventory, and Authorization Codes; enables the full functionality of Fiscal Years and Accounting Periods. Includes access to at least one EZ-Share Export.

Included in the Invoice Management component.


System option that allows creating highly customized exports of system databases.

Access to at least one export is included with the Enhanced Chargeback or Inventory Management option. Full license to unlimited exports is included with the Invoice Management module.


System option that allows currency conversions of call and invoice charges for reporting purposes.

  Inventory Management

System option designed to manage all types of inventory (such as wireless devices, laptops, servers, etc.). Adds the concept of 'Product' as billable inventory features with recurring, one-time or distributed charges for options. Includes the Enhanced Chargeback option and access to at least one EZ-Share Export.

Invoice Management (TEM)

System component designed for importing and allocating telecom invoice charges from outside vendors, as well as for authorizing their payment.

Includes Contract Management (used to track contract commitments and renewal dates with vendors) and the EZ-Share Export option (used as GL Feed for invoice payments and accrual reports).

If coupled with Inventory Management, Product charges from invoices can be tracked and raise alerts if outside expected costs. Invoice Payment workflows allow you to…

  • Automate the review, approval, and payments of telecom invoices
  • Simplify allocation of expenses by GL standards
  • Identify savings opportunities by optimizing features and cutting unnecessary options
  • Crack down on cell phone abuse, security threats, and harassing calls
  • Reduce telecom costs



Base component that provides the corporate structure of personnel, cost center, and higher levels of your organization. This allows the allocation of inventory usage and charges and sets the framework for Personnel directory look-ups, user access and security, and report distribution.
  Personal Call Identification

System option designed for users to review their telephone activity in MySMART and identify the dialed numbers as personal or business calls.

Personnel Directory

Base component that provides quick directory look-ups using the MySMART viewer.
  Tie Line Reconciliation

Call Accounting option designed for businesses using a network of telephone switching systems interconnected by private "Tie" Lines. Tie Line reconciliation can track all legs of an off-net Tie Line call across multiple switches, in order to create a single call record and thus re-assign the call charges to its on-net origin.

Wireless Call Accounting (WCA)

System component used to track wireless phone usage, based on data downloaded monthly from the Internet, from your AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon accounts. WCA reports and viewers allow making informed decisions to…

  • Simplify operations and expense assignments to responsible parties
  • Identify savings opportunities by optimizing features and cutting unnecessary options
  • Crack down on cell phone abuse, security threats, and harassing calls
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Encourage responsible use of wireless resources
  • Reduce telecom costs

  Wireless Expense Management

TEM option used to monitor usage and overages for your wireless inventory, based on invoice charges and wireless plans contracted with vendors.

 Product Updates

Displays when updates were last checked and a grid of product features, their installed version and the latest available version.

NOTE: Currently, this function only supports updates to WCA Readers in systems with Wireless Call Accounting.

View Actual Usage



Displays a grid that shows system capacity and actual usage for databases installed locally on the system server.

NOTE: The system uses either the Embedded Database provided with the product or Microsoft SQL Server pre-installed on the local PC or on a remote database server.  The Embedded Database is limited to about 10 GB of data (this represents about 15 million call records in the current database). The full SQL Server, on the other hand, has no limits other than the capacity of the disk where the data is located.

Displays a grid that shows the number of records in each organization level in use.

 CDR Sources

Displays a grid that shows information on all CDR and invoice data sources:

  • Name, short name, and local calling area (main number and country)
  • Call record format and collection method used
  • Number of CDR processed and time stamp of the most recent