Logging in

Access to the application depends on how your system administrator has set up authentication for its users:

NOTE: If this is an installation where HIPAA is enforced, you can only log in by clicking the Login via Windows button (this includes the admin user from the VeraSMART Server).


If you have been given access through your own Windows login credentials, use the Login via Windows link on the upper-right corner -- or -- if all you see is a button like this one, simply use it:

Login via Windows


If you have been given access, but are required a separate 'login' through a form like the one below -- enter your e-mail address (login ID) and the password assigned to you, and then click the Login button.

Login ID:

Cant' access your account? Login


If this is your first time or you do not remember your password, click the Can't access your account? link.

You will see a Reset Password page:


Enter your e-mail address:

Reset My Password Cancel

Complete it and click the Reset My Password button. The system will e-mail you a new password shortly to use at login.


What to do if you cannot log in

If you see an error message, make a note of it and retry before contacting your system administrator.

(The system will allow up to three failed attempts. After this, you must wait at least 60 seconds).